Councilmember Donna L. Crary



I have had the opportunity to speak with many residents in the City and have listed my issues below, which are on the minds of many of those that I spoke with.  If re-elected to the Laurel City Counicl I wil continue my efforts in the following areas.  My priorities are straight-forward and measurable:

*  I will continue working to keep our Train Stop in Laurel!

        *  I will keep fighting for our Full Service Hospital!

  • I want to make sure that we continue to improve our economy by creating new jobs in Laurel.
  • I will be a watchdog over your money and make sure that we make good use of your tax dollars.
  • I will work hard to improve the traffic issues facing us.
  • I will continue to give the Police Department the tools needed to keep our crime rate low.
  • I will continue my efforts for a greener government in Laurel

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